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The College of Dentistry sterilization monitoring and consultation service proudly offers third-party biological monitoring of heat sterilizers. Two levels of service (Full Service and Basic Service) are now available. Both enable the private practitioner to comply with the current infection control regulations as stated in the Florida Board of Dentistry, Rule 59Q-25.003 (9). and recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Third-party biological monitoring of dental sterilizers offers a distinct advantage over in-house monitoring systems in the credibility and reliability of test results. However, to merit this credibility, proper laboratory procedures must be followed. These procedures are strictly observed by the sterilization monitoring and consultation service.

Full Service and Basic Service subscriptions are available for weekly, bi-monthly and monthly monitoring.

In addition:

  • Each test packet contains two Biological Indicator test strips (BI’s) and one control strip, that are impregnated with B. stearothermophilus and B. subtilis and are therefore acceptable for monitoring all types of sterilizers registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (e.g., dry heat, steam, chemical vapor, and ethylene oxide sterilizers).
  • Two extra test packets are included to troubleshooting sterilizer failures.
  • All incubation, testing and interpretation are done at our on-site laboratory.
  • We maintain a record on the performance data of each test lot of BI’s specifying the parameters for sterilization as suggested by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. (e.g., number of colony forming units, and D values).
  • Telephone notification of failed tests (Full and Basic Service), as well as notification of overdue tests. (Full Service only)
  • Hard copy and computer records are retained for three years.

Full Service

  • Sterilizers will be monitored for the first six weeks (an orientation period) to identify existing problems with the equipment or technique, and to familiarize the sterilization personnel with the biological testing methods. (Except for weekly subscriptions.)
  • The annual service (12 months) begins after the six week orientation period, so in effect; the first year provides monitoring for a total of 14 months.
  • All postage is prepaid.
  • A binder is provided to preserve written results and all other correspondence concerning the monitoring of your sterilizer. (Results should be retained by you for a period of five years.)
  • A certificate of participation is provided to inform your patients that your office subscribes to our Consultation Service. We encourage you to display it in your reception area.
  • Test dates are tracked and offices notified of overdue tests.
  • Notification of failures by telephone. Help with sterilization failures.
  • Extra test packets are provided on an as needed basis – at no additional charge. Troubleshooting
  • Our Full Service goes far beyond a mere monitoring service, in that we offer a consultation component, not just on sterilization failures, but on all aspects of infection control procedures and standards.
  • Consultation provided.

Basic Service

With all the expenses dental offices incur, we realize you may be looking for an economy service. We are now offering a Basic Monitoring Service, at a competitive fee, that may fulfill your needs.

You will receive:

  • 12 Biological Indicator Test Packets containing two BI test strips and one control strip (each test strip is impregnated with B. stearothermophilus and B. subtilis and is therefore acceptable for use in dry heat, steam, chemical vapor, as well as ethylene oxide sterilizers.)
  • Two extra BI Test Packets are provided to be run in case of a failure. Troubleshooting. Additional tests may be purchased for $15 each or packs of two for $25 (subject to change).
  • Certificate of Participation for display in your office.
  • Folder to retain computer-generated quarterly reports and all other correspondence concerning the monitoring of your sterilizer. (Results should be retained for a period of three years.)
  • Notification of failures by telephone. Help with sterilization failures
  • Consultation provided.

If your unit is run at sterilization parameters for more than 40 hours a month, you are required to biologically monitor your unit more frequently.

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