Clinical Composite Newsletter

Clinic Administration produces the Clinical Composite newsletter to keep the college informed as to clinical issues, quality assurance, and changes and updates in the clinics. If you have a topic you’d like to include in a future newsletter, please email Dr. Carol Stewart.

March 2014

  • A focus on HIPAA and communications
  • Mandatory safeguards, PHI in email, portable data devices, personal cameras

January 2014

  • Meet the clinic admin team
  • Review of college policy on dental radiographic examinations: recommendations for patient selection and limiting radiation exposure

October 2011

  • Log out before you walk out!
  • Fee changes in AxiUm
  • New composite
  • How to handle removed devices
  • How to obtain proper consent for treatment

April 2011

  • How to apologize when something goes wrong with a patient
  • Maintaining patient privacy in the EHR (no looking up Tim Tebow’s medical records!)
  • Staying safe in our clinics, labs and classrooms