18-19 Clinic Procedure Manual-34th Rev(with corrections20210615.1)


AxiUm Answers

Questions, answers, documentation and more about AxiUm, the clinic management system. You can also ask a question about using AxiUm.

The Clinical Composite

The Clinic Administration newsletter.

Clinical Occurrence Form (COF)

Clinic Emergency Coverage Schedule

Clinical Faculty Calibration

Faculty Calibration occurs on the first Wednesday of each month.

Handling Dental Clinic Emergencies

Process for handling instances where a dental clinic patient needs to go directly to the Emergency Department.

MSDS Manager

Product search.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Post Occupational Exposure Process Flow

Procedure for occupational exposure in UFCD Gainesville, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Naples, and off site rotations

Required Training

Information about required training for clinical personnel, including BBP/infection control and biomedical waste training.

Risk Rx: A UF HSC Self-Insurance Program Publication

Sterilization Monitoring & Consultation Services

Third-party biological monitoring of heat sterilizers for private practitioners.